Digital Gold Meets Global Payments

✓ A secure, credible and traceable gold supply chain
✓ An established and secure global payments operation
✓ A regulatory compliant and secure digital currency backed by gold

That’s Emergent Technology and “The Future of Gold™

Emergent™ Technology is leading an ecosystem of responsibly sourced gold that is seamlessly integrated into global and emerging financial markets. 

Emergent Technology is using the experience and expertise of Emergent™ Payments and has introduced the Responsible Gold™ supply chain, which uses a secure blockchain and smart contract platform to provide irrefutable, trackable and auditable G-Coin™ tokens for investors, companies, countries and individuals interested in conflict-free gold. 

Go Local

Emergent™ Payments has been a trusted payments partner for growth markets since 2008.


The Future of Gold

Responsible Gold is collaborating with miners and refiners and is using blockchain technology to provide irrefutable tracking of responsibly sourced gold. 


Responsibly Sourced Gold

Emergent Technology is redefining The Future of Gold™ with the G-Coin™, a digital token backed by vaulted, conflict-free, responsibly sourced gold.